About My Artery

The pulse behind My Artery is twofold, to display my recent paintings to curious friends and beyond, and to sell my paintings and direct half of my profit to a specific cause that moves me.

As my audience broadens i want other artists to use My Artery to sell works, and shine a spotlight on a cause they are passionate about and intend to donate half of their profits to.


Fine Art Painting with Art History, BA
Christie's St James's Valuation Department
Sotheby's New Bond Street Valuation Department
Fine Art Valuation, BA

Gurr Johns Art Consultants & Independent Valuers,
Vice President in New York and London offices
Founder and CEO of Gurr Johns GmbH in Munich and Hamburg

Establishing a family in London
Moving to Germany and returning to a painting practice
Founding myArtery
Opening myArtery Studio and Exhibition space in Munich


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Each painting in the series 2011-2014 is priced,
regardless of size, at €1,500.
2015 works prices upon request.